I have used B3 Technology for my business for 2 years, for multiple computer stations and video surveillance, and have always been very happy with the excellent and knowledgeable staff of Brian, Jennifer and Matthew.  So when I needed to replace my home computer, of course I chose B3.  Jennifer gave me valuable input before, during and after installation.  Besides great service, they are reasonably priced!  Thanks, B3!


Rest assured that you will find no better computer services than Brian provides.

I am very knowledgeable with personal computers having started with them shortly after 1976 when I purchased a Vector Graphics CPM machine. I had to learn basic programing to utilize the computer. With all that said, I came to realize that I could not keep up with the changes in computer technology and software when our Windstream modem failed and our network crashed. Because Windstream is short handed I could not rely on them to timely fix the problem. I went to B3 Technology to buy a replacement modem but when I explained the problem to Brian he immediately stopped what he was working on, grabbed a modem and came to my office. Within minutes he had our system connected to the internet. He then arranged for Windstream to replace the defective modem. No need to buy a modem as he loaned me a modem until Windstream delivered a new modem

After the system failure I was not able to connect our computers to a Network Attached Storage device. I wasted hours trying to solve the problem. I gave up and called Brian. Within minutes he arrived at our office and shortly thereafter all was well.  I now know my limits and if I can’t find any easy fix I will pickup the phone and call Brian. On top of the great service his charge for solving my problems was more than reasonable.

I couldn’t be happier in finding Brian. If you have computer problems you can’t solve call Brian!

Rick Bierman

Rick Bierman Bierman & Petig, P.C.

Whether it be website hosting, IT work, or our projection system upgrade, B3 has been fantastic to work with in every project. They bring a level of expertise that can be hard to find, and the professionalism and attention to detail they pour into each endeavor makes a huge impact. Also, having them be local is an added bonus as they are always accessible and here for us if unexpected needs arise. I would recommend Brian and his team for any project!

Scott Surovec Lead Minister
Grinnell Christian Church