Our typical client is an Exceptionally Busy CEO/Owner of a Successful, Fast-Growing and Fast Paced Business.

It’s standard for our customers to have about 5 to 50 workstations. They provide professional business services that have a mission-critical reliance on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for operating their businesses. Therefore, businesses throughout Central Iowa rely on B3 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS to install and support the technologies and computer systems that help them become smoothly run businesses.

So, if you’re tired of the stress that comes with a seemingly endless string of time-consuming and irritating technology issues that eat away at employee productivity – or even loss of critical data – then you should only call B3 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS.

I do want to be honest though, we are not a perfect match for everyone. Following are the TOP 3 characteristics of CEO/Business Owners that benefit the most from our services:

Exceptionally Busy CEOs of Successful, Fast-Growing Firms

We know your heavy workload REQUIRES that all systems & devices on your network are working 24/7/365. That’s why our service plans are designed to minimize your involvement and eliminate anything that would slow down productivity and progress. If you’re the kind of CEO that just wants to have everything handled, then we’re ideal for you. However, if you’re the kind of person that wants to try to maintain parts of your IT systems on your own to save a bit of money and only call us when you run into something you can’t resolve, then we may not be an ideal fit for you.

CEO’s Who Want Things Done Right, Not Cheap

Our clients want things done RIGHT the first time so there’s no time wasted on do-overs. They’d rather invest a little more in the right tools and technology up front, knowing it will save them money in the long run. We make sure our clients save the right pennies.

CEOs Who Want Experts Supporting Their Business

Not some finger pointer – Some IT Support Providers say “Sure, we can take care of everything on your network”, until some hardware or software glitch causes a problem. Then what do you hear? “That was the hardware/software/fill in the blank’s problem, you’ll need to call them to resolve the issue.” At B3 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, solving problems is our passion and we don’t do the “Finger Pointing Game”, period! At B3 TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, we feel WE should own the problem for our clients so they don’t have to try and resolve any of these issues on their own — that’s just plain old good service and something many computer companies can’t or won’t do.